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"Children & Youth are future of any country, they can change the word. They can do anything, whatever they want if they wish to do." - Balraj Arpit during UNEP TUNZA Conference 2012, CEE, Ahmedabad, India


Ever wondered that why everyone defines leadership differently? Because leadership is everywhere. Leadership is never defined by number, it is defined by deeds.


How many businesses can you run and how much can you make? Only thing that matters the most in entrepreneurship is whether you make a difference of not.


Did you know that there's not a single organization in the World which cannot fail without innovation? That's why companies spent a lot of money on R&D for innovation.

10+ Programming Languages

70+ Countries Outreach

20+ International Achievements

60+ Skills

10+ Years of Experience

10+ Attened International Conferences

A Leader

Leaded young people from around the Globe with a vision of bringing youth in the heart of development.

An Entrepreneur

At age 17, founded Green Youth Generation as student network later became international youth-led NGO with outreach in 78 countries. At age 21, founded Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd., a software company which is engaged in the business of developing products and providing services in the field of software and software enabled application in different fields both in India and overseas.

An Innovator

Designed and developed several innovative activities, events, project, platforms and recognized by esteemed national and international organization around the World like United Nations, EarthDay Network, Govt. of India, CEE, SAMSUNG Engineering, IIT Kanpur, IIT Patna, etc.


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Michael Murunga

Michael Murunga

Corporate Communications​ Specialist Bremen Area, Germany

Balraj is a passionate, enthusiastic and charismatic individual that share a great zeal for a clean and sustainable Asia. from his previous assignment he has proved to be worth the effort that any organisation might warrant of him. he is what any organization would need from an employee. hope he keeps the good work and holds still the proper work ethics.

Dhiroj Koirala

Dhiroj Koirala

Central Committee Member at Society For Wildlife Research And Conservation

I found Mr. Balraj arpit really a determined person who has the power and courage to change the world. I'm very much proud of myself because I have got an opportunity to work with such an energetic personality.

Vignesh Ramesh

Vignesh Ramesh

Founder at Tamasha Games

Balraj Arpit has many titles Entrepreneur,Leader,Visionary,Speaker but the one he has been for me is of a friend and mentor.He has always been their for clearing up the doubts and questions that I ever had related to entrepreneurship and leadership.He is got all the characteristics of a true leader who is making a difference to the world everyday.

Mahfuja Parven

Mahfuja Parven

Assistant Director of Asia at GreenWorldOne

I know Balraj from Green Youth Generation, he is hard worker, friendly and helpful .

Olumide Idowu

Olumide Idowu

Global Environment Outlook - Youth Lead Author at UN Environment

Dedicated and a focused driven young man.

Rakesh Jha

Rakesh Jha

Full Stack Javascript Developer

Determination is what that I have learned from him. Supportive Motivator along with good listener and thinker.


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