Aren’t We Challenging God?

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This is continuation of previous post: God, Human and AI

For instance, think you’ve original artwork Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. What first thing come into your mind? I think it’s over-rated artwork because the artwork I’m talking about is done by the God. Ever wondered Earth looks blue from moon but green in the neighourhood? Why? Don’t you think that we’re an experiment of God kept hidden on a planet we call it the Earth. The Earth could be a Mona Lisa of God which seems different from different perspective like Mona Lisa’s cheering smile . It’s just one micro detail of the masterpiece artwork by God and still we’ve nano and pico to see in it.

Here’s the masterpiece painting by Leonardo da Vinci and the God.

The Universe


Mona Lisa

If we start describing about the Universe, our QWERTY will never stop but when we’ll start describing Mona Lisa then our QWERTY stop after sometime. The details that have put into the Universe is infinite, still the greatest scientists of century are exploring it and trying to get to know more and tell us more about it.

Here’s tiny part of the great artwork by God in which we see our mother Earth which we need to keep green so that it can sustain human life.

When I was school kid, one topic was very popular in class debates and that was “Science is a boon or curse?“. Today I remember those debates, I see science has become a boon as well as curse because we’re using science to create plastics and at the same time we’re using science solve these global issues. Why is this happening has a quite obvious reason, money while many will say that plastic is a useful utility.

The universe is so organized and so big that no matter how much powerful one can become, no one can destroy it. If anyone try, they end up destroying themselves. The world is facing numbers disasters and no one can stop it, no one can control it. The Earth is an equilibrium designed by God and we have to do our duty honestly else quilibirium will be disturbed. We have already disturbed it, activists and organizations from around the World is trying to aware people to stop littering our planet but the greed is somehow have made them deaf to listen and blind to read the warning. At the end, the future generation will curse us because it’s only we who can stop littering the planet and use science to make world a better place to live.

The Earth is a tiny part of the Universe and whenever the God will want, the God will crush it. But somehow the God have designed the Earth in a way that if the human will keep disturbing its euilibrium then we’ll see disasters as warnings. I love science, love developing tools and platforms that can help make World a better place to live. By 2050, the World population will cross 9 billion. Imagine when AI is our friend helping us to make World a better place to live but that will happen when we will create a new belief system. A belief system that can create and add value to equality. We should stop challenging and start participating in the system that the God has given to us.

We have now AI with us and this AI can be used to solve many local as well as global issues.

What should be the current belief system for 2050?

…to be continued

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