Artificial Intelligence and #10YearsChallenge

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In recent years, you may have heard about machine learning and artificial intelligence. In short, it’s a technique used to give some data under an algorithm which tends to learn from data, like humans learn from their mistakes and other’s mistakes, machine learn from data and its mistakes which is called neural learning and outsmart human brain.

In 10 years challenge, we’re sharing our current picture and picture of 10 years ago together in one picture. Our faces have face metrics which is used in facial recognition/detection. So, any company can easily download pics of 10 years challenge which is shared in millions on social media. Using these 10 years challenge, the company can create various applications using machine learning. E.g. How face metrics of a person changes in 10 years which can help to create cosmetics/drugs to reduce ageing by reducing the changes in face metrics over a period of time. This example is now copyrighted by me, if anyone will use this technique must consult me before using this technique, NO KIDDING, LOL.

So basically, nobody knows who started 10 years challenge so the probability could be a tech company working on AI and needed data of people faces with gap of 10 years.

I’ve tweaked my 10 years challenge pic by providing 2019’s pic with poor resolution of face in which algorithm for face matrics won’t work. That’s smart!! HEHE!! If you’re interested in Artificial Intelligence then you can join my software company at: or if you’re interested in learning computer then you can join our online DCA Course:

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