Automation is About to Destroy Your Job by 2022!

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Yes, you read it right that your job may destroyed by automation industry and you and your children may soon be in jeopardy. Global Experts like Thomas Frey have predicted that by 2022, 1 billion jobs will be destroyed worldwide by the automation, and The International Federation of Robotic have predicated that it will create 1 billion jobs by 2020 from the sampling of 15 countries.

David Rotman published  a title ‘How Technology Is Destroying Jobs’ which says Experts suggest that automation and advanced digital technologies are eliminating the need for people in a growing number of jobs. Advanced technologies have created an uncertain future of dismal job opportunities, stagnant income, and worsening inequality. Experts argue that such advancements in computer technology, ranging from improved industrial robotics to automated translation services have resulted in sluggish employment growth over a long period of time. Academic experts from MIT foresee dismal prospects for many types of jobs as these powerful new technologies are increasingly adopted in manufacturing, clerical, and retail work, along with professions such as law, financial services, education, and medicine. Experts believe that rapid technological change has been destroying jobs faster than it is creating them, contributing to the stagnation of median income and the growth of inequality in the US.

Here I have created list of jobs that will be the first to be overtaken by robots. Check if it includes your job too.

  1. Assembly-line and factory workers
  2. Bus drivers, taxi drivers, and truck drivers
  3. Phone operators, telemarketers, and receptionists
  4. Cashiers
  5. Bank tellers and clerks
  6. Packing, stockroom, and warehouse moving
  7. Medical Prescription
  8. Information Gathering, Financial Analysts, and Researchers
  9. Journalists and Reporters
  10. Pilots
  11. Bartenders
  12. Stock Traders
  13. Postal Workers
  14. Doctors, Anesthesiologist, and Surgeon
  15. Soldiers and Guards
  16. Travel Agents
  17. Chefs and Cooks
  18. Bomb Squad
  19. Typist
  20. Switchboard Operator
  21. Bowling Ball Pinsetter
  22. Film Projectionists
  23. Home and Small Garden
  24. Hotel Staff and Room Service

Here are the predictions by global experts –

Predicted Jobs Automation Will Create and Destroy
When Where Jobs
Jobs Created Predictor
2016 worldwide 900,000 to 1,500,000 Metra Martech
2018 US jobs 13,852,530* 3,078,340* Forrester
2020 worldwide 1,000,000-2,000,000 Metra Martech
2020 worldwide 1,800,000 2,300,000 Gartner
2020 sampling of 15 countries 7,100,000 2,000,000 World Economic Forum (WEF)
2021 worldwide 1,900,000-3,500,000 The International Federation of Robotics
2021 US jobs 9,108,900* Forrester
2022 worldwide 1,000,000,000 Thomas Frey
2025 US jobs 24,186,240* 13,604,760* Forrester
2025 US jobs 3,400,000 ScienceAlert
2027 US jobs 24,700,000 14,900,000 Forrester
2030 worldwide 2,000,000,000 Thomas Frey
2030 worldwide 400,000,000-800,000,000 555,000,000-890,000,000 McKinsey
2030 US jobs 58,164,320* PWC
2035 US jobs 80,000,000 Bank of England
2035 UK jobs 15,000,000 Bank of England
No Date US jobs 13,594,320* OECD
No Date UK jobs 13,700,000 IPPR

*This value is Technology Review‘s extrapolation based on a percentage of jobs lost or gained given in the report. The percentage was converted to number based on the number of jobs in the US when the prediction was made according to the BLS.

So if, you are still thinking that future is going to be easy then you are wrong. We are required to bring improvements and change in many things like education system, thought process, humanity, politics, etc. Thanks to great people from around the World who are continuously pushing the boundaries to bring improvements and change.

Prepare yourself for future, don’t just rely on what you do now. You are required to be multi-talented with multiple skills and expertise that will help you and your family to survive else you will experience the nightmares.

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