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In 2011, I challenged myself to become better everyday, better than yesterday, and tomorrow I’ll be better than today. My words are not ordinary, they came from hardship, knowledge and more than five years of experience.

In 2012 I said, “Children & Youth are future of any country, they can change the World. They can do anything whatever they want, if they wish do.” This was published with outcome of that conference UNEP TUNZA Children & Youth Conference : The Future We Want. It all takes the courage to become someone you always wanted to, but, most people become what others wanted them to become. It’s hard for individuals and young people to stand for their own ideas, dreams and speak up for what they wanted to do in their life, and make their dream a reality. Let me be truthful, their dreams and desires are either crushed or diverted by elder people or because no one believe in the ideas that could change the World.

I was born in a village, does that mean that I would never fly? No, that means I had to work harder to fly. It’s because I had start from nothing and I did started. My first national and international flights were sponsored by United Nations to represent Indian youth at its international conference. That was an ignitition to my many dreams, it was ignitition to my many ideas, it was ignitition to make a difference in the World.

If you think that you’ve any idea that can CHANGE THE WORLD. Download “BAO Network” mobile app and get a reason, motivation and mentorship to get started on working on your dream and make it reality. Because, dreams are dreams, comes once, not twice.

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