Can We Achieve Supernatural Power in Future?

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This is continuation of previous post: What Should Be the Current Belief System for 2050?

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Supernatural is something existing or occurring outside the normal experience or knowledge of man; not explainable by the known forces or laws of nature; specif., of, involving, or attributed to God or a god. Imagine, there’s no electricity, we’re sitting in dark room and suddenly I went to turn on switch. You asked me, “There’s no electricity then why are you turning on the switch?” I replied,”It’s coming.” And suddenly, bulb glows. Will you say it’s a coincidence or a supernatural power? Think!

I’ve been renowned youth leader of the World for creating youth leaders in 78 countries in a very short time.  And I were used to say to the young people that there’s no one single definition of leadership or a leader because it is defined differently on the basis of different postulation. Similarly, supernatural power is difined differently by different people on different postulation which gives birth to different religious believes and values.

What’s supernatural for you? Difining supernatural is limited to our thoughts and knowledge of the universe that how much we understand our World, spacetime, the supernatural power is limitless, it’s a bond between perfect and imperfect. Can you change the rotation of the Earth? Why will you change the roration of the Earth? Think!

Yes, we can achieve Supernatural power in future and there are many ways to achieve it. But controlling supernatural power is tough. Even if we’ll have a mathematical equation but we may or may not want to experiment it. Great scienctista are working on spacetime. Currently whatever is invented in the World is on basis of human imagination. AI can also imagine, and that’s the scariest part of it that what they will and will not imagine. But that day is coming…

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