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Let’s start with a reference, Standford’s researchers found that after people had an experience in augmented reality (AR) — simulated by wearing goggles that layer computer-generated content onto real-world environments — their interactions in their physical world changed as well, even with the AR device removed. For example, people avoided sitting on a chair they had just seen a virtual person sit on. Researchers also found that participants appeared to be influenced by the presence of a virtual person in a similar way they would be if a real person were next to them.

I’m writing blog after a year because I was busy and still busy in developing technologies that solves real-life problems. After watching one-hour long Zuckerberg’s presentation on Meta was quite disturbing for me. So I want to share my thoughts and opinion on it. Please let me know in comment whether you agree or disagree with me.

AR/VR is an unexplored technology and there are huge psychological impacts on human brain because they engage the sympathetic nervous system. When it comes to education, research, business, entertainment and gaming then we find it as an amazing tech that has the abilities to transform our education system, simulate the inventions before we actually build it in real life, virtual business meetings working together on a product, get inside the movie while watching it and playing the games like we are playing it in real life and there are so many applications, at the other side of the coin, my real concern is excess use and association with these techs may disconnect us from solving real-life local and global issues.

Facebook recently created a parent brand name Meta aka Metaverse which includes all of the brands acquired by Facebook. Main purpose of the Meta is to create an AR/VR environment where one can teleport themselves virtually anywhere irrespective of where they are and where they wanted to be for different reasons like party, amusement, business meeting, etc. The whole idea can be defined technically as Meta is a virtual infinite XYZ plane which can consist of infinite number of virtual multiverse that give wings to fantasies. Unfortunately, it is more dangerous than real-life diseases if people won’t be able to use it in a controlled way and it will affect more people than the people are affected by real-life diseases because the today’s youth tomorrow’s leaders may distract from global focus. In recent times we’ve seen Tiktok, the inventor of the camera and internet would have never imagined how it is currently being used. These things happens when a corporate shift its focus from solving problems to making money.

If Tiktok was one of my technologies and young people would be using it like they’re using it right now then either I would have banned those kids or shut down Tiktok. I’m just amazed that what’s wrong has happened with the Zuck that he’s shifting his goal from connecting people to disconnecting people from real-life.

As you may have seen in Zuck’s one hour long video, he talks and shows doing this and that in Metaverse . And yeah, he used the keyword “Carbon Footprint” where he mentioned that Meta will lead to reduce human carbon footprint which is true if it used for business meetings to avoid commute for in person meetings. But I literally laughed hard on it because Zuck’s intention is different. Access to these technologies without any purpose is like having a self-destroying tool rather a productivity tool in which consumer forget the real world and die into the fantasies for no reason. So, before you enter into Metaverse, you should completely read this article because this article will work as an antidote in the Metaverse. Without this antidote, you may end up becoming a cyber addict and forgetting the actual truth of life.

How Meta is different from this movie “READY PLAYER ONE”? Watch trailer below –

Big NO, it is no different than the movie’s trailer you just watched. Cyber world is addictive because it creates a simulation of your fantasies and people don’t want to come out of it once they enter and they bring their virtual realities in real life which can be seen in their behavior changes.

Now, you may have understood why I’m writing this and so the question is then what is Cyber Meditation and Quantum Bogo? Okay, I’m explaining it in the best way I could explain it today because predictions are contrary until we have a real example.

In Computer Science and Engineering there is subject called DSA (Data Structure and Algorithm) which teaches us to develop perfect instruction set for computers to complete any process efficiently. In a simple language, if there’s a shuffled deck of cards then what’s is most efficient way of re-arranging it in order from A, 2 , 3,….to J, K, Q? To create a best way, we develop algorithms. There are many ways which you can learn during engineering, but forget the best and efficient ways, there’s an inefficient way of sorting it and we call it Bogosort. There are several sorting algorithms which are in syllabus but Bogosort is not in the syllabus, I read it because I was already finished reading other sorting algorithms and had curiosity to know what is the worst sorting algo.

In Bogosort, you can understand it by simply taking a card deck, re-shuffling cards and expecting it to be sorted, that’s it. In the best case it take just one step and in the worst case it will take infinite steps to complete it. It is named Bogo because it is derived from the word ‘bogus’. You got it?

Let’s come to Quantum Bogo aka Quantum Bogosort, it is jokingly created by computer scientists a hypothetical sorting algo based on Bogosort which generates a random permutation of its input using quantum source of entropy like Schrodinger’s cat or smiley, checks if the card deck is sorted, if not then it destroys the universe. It assumes that many world interpretation is true and one surviving universe will exist when it will find a sorted card deck. As a result, we will have one surviving universe which is sorted. This algo can be now used in Metaverse to eliminate all those metaverses which make people addictive and sick.

So what after destroying the metaverse? Does it solves the problem? No, still the player or say user will require cyber meditation to reconnect with the real world because scientific researches suggests that meditations have extremely positive impacts, both physically and mentally.

Now, go and watch READY PLAYER ONE movie and research on topics I discussed here to get a bigger picture what I wanted to explain. Contact me for any questions/queries.

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