Diplomacy Days

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Once upon a time, I was preparing for getting a white/red colored passport i.e. official/diplomatic passport. Later, I dropped the plan because it was clashed with my personal problems, some social and I’ve no regret. I think it was one of the great thing happened in my life. Who knows, I’ll get it in coming years.

Remember school debates? Science is Boon or Curse? Hope, school children would be still debating on it, it’s a never ending debate topic. I’m towards the motion of the debate, with science, computer science.

I was very active at international debating during college. Most popular debating simulation in colleges are called MUN (Model United Nations). I was part of many national MUNs and were invited to some one of the best MUNs in the World, yeah. Check down few of them below –

President Model United Nations, Indonesia
Rome Model United Nations, Italy
Hindustan Young Leaders Conference, India
Edu Model United Nations, India
CBIT Model United Nations, India
JIIT Model United Nations, India

During MUN, we simulate different councils of the UN, countries are assigned to different delegates from one of their two preference countries. Delegates representing assigned country at the council had to research and prepare for the topic. MUNs generally happens for two to three days depending on number of councils and delegates. For few days, we were not college students, we were delegates of the assigned country and debating for 2 or 3 days for that country unlike Arnab’s debate, LOL??.

I was noting some points to speak.
With Sharad Vivek Sagar at HYLC MUN who was best friend from St. Dominic Savio’s High School. Pursued International Diplomacy from Tufts University, US
With Aman Singh at HYLC MUN who was great leader once I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post. Pursued ECE from VIT and he’s expert in robotronics.

At the end, Chairs and Vice-Chairs awarded the delegates with some cash. It’s a good way of enhancing debating skill and making some cash? out of diplomacy. I still do whenever I get the chance.

Last year only for which I was tired of some bunch of idiots who were trying to become hurdle between my business, and sitting and shouting their dialogues to me. But what’s the point of debating with people who won’t understand my one single sentence equivalent to hundreds of sentences to them, I disqualified them with my silence staring at an unsafe and unconventional design of a house which could lead to enter any poisonous snake that could be ended up biting children. Anyway, I overcome these hurdles and successfully achieved my goal which landed me into an office worth more than a crore.

The question is, how I prepare for it? Answer is simple but solution is complex, I’m used to several tools to achieve my goals, tools I used into execution are not easy to use by non-matric or non-graduates (please no offense), it can only be handled by at least graduates or computer pundit. What if different tools I’m using would be compiled together in one single application? So, I’ve made it easy to everyone. I’ve built one part of this application that can be easily be used by anyone and continuously adding other part of it into it so that anyone could easily achieve their dreams. I hope, it would be helpful for everyone.

The name of the application is Myllap whose full form is Manage Your Life Like A Pro. It’s a tool which is designed with the help of learning and concepts of Bhagvata Gita. We’ve launched this application at https://www.myllap.com. Anyway, this is only 10% of what I’m trying to build so it’ll be FREE until it is 100% developed. But still, you’ll get many features of it for FREE, more than currently available and little charges with premium features.

So, if you want to become successful in your life then create your account at Myllap and start using it.

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