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In picture, that person with white shirt and blue jeans in the right most is my dad with his friends in Dubai. It’s a very old picture. We can see an amazing bond between them. These people were not only friends of my dad, there were also many other friends of him with whom there is no frame like this, but they were also as good friend as these.

I’ve heard people having bad experience in friendship, it happens in all kind of relationship when relationship are used as a cover to backstab and fulfill greed/jealousy/grudge. Even people backstab in blood relationship for money and asset because they don’t really understand what actually a relationship is.

For me, Relationship is an Amalgam of Faith and Respect to Each Other, if you don’t believe this then we have not any kind of relationship not even blood relationship. I’ve met many people who believe the same as I believe about relationship. I had one relative who were used to say, “Blood is thicker than water.” This person backstabbed me. You know what, even if friendship is water then at least we never find anyone who refuse to quench thirst when we need water, but people refuse to donate blood.

I have many friends in all over India and abroad with whom I studied in schools/colleges and met during national and international conferences and while traveling. The bond I have with my friends is quite incredible. No matter how busy we have been but whenever we meet then we hardly complain about anything rather enjoy because we met after long time. It is an understanding between us about why we met after a long time. We know who we are and what we do and a lot about each other. We don’t even drag anyone into each others business, even if we do business together then friendship and business goes parallel. And it is a good thing to keep relationship and business parallel because most people mix business into relationship ends up in a chaos.

My friends had stand with me whenever I said, “Let’s change the world.” When my dad was expired, I had my friends who supported me and filled the gap the best they would. When I had an accident and having plastic surgery of right leg, my friends took next flight from Patna to Vadodara where some relatives never reached or even call. Whenever I miss anything, I have my friends. There are thousands of things I did with my friends. My parents, friends and sisters have played a major role in my success. They were first who believed in me then you and the world.

If there would no friends like I have then I would be somewhere a broke person. I thank to God for having friends like them. I hope our friendship will last forever. There is much more about our friendship, this post is just one page out of thousands of pages. This is called the Friendship what I learned from my father.

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