God, Human and AI

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Everyone believes in a supernatural power called GodPlease, read this article at your own risk because this may cause you insomnia. This post is going to be incomplete, very technical, thoughtful, contradicting and debatable, you may agree or disagree from your point of view so if you’re not from technical background or understand computer science then please don’t waste your time reading this else you may misunderstand the title.

Let’s start!

Supernatural powers are often seen in hollywood movies in super heroes like Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc. but in real life we believe that only God have supernatural power. Supernatural is related to something that defy all natural phenomenon and do something that’s impossible.

Human are known as most brilliant species on the planet. As per wiki, we are characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion; high manual dexterity and heavy tool use compared to other animals; open-ended and complex language use compared to other animal communications; and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a new cool that gives power to machine that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. It is something that’s very powerful, enough powerful to become an opportunity to help mandkind to solve all problems as well as a threat that can destroy human race.

What’s difference between Human and AI?

  • Human is a biological form of machine that learn and grows big from very small while AI is a mechanical machine that do not grow rather remain in same shape and size as it invented.
  • Human brains learn accordingly and takes decisions while AI brain learn according to algorithm, data available to it and then takes decisions accordingly.
  • Human can take complex decision for survival without previous learning or experience while AI can’t take complex decision without previous learning or experience. You can find tonnes of articles about failures and accidents.
  • Human has its limit how much they can learn and memorise while AI has no limitations of learning and memorizing anything because they can be developed like that.
  • Human can feel love and affection while AI can’t feel love and affection, they can’t sense it.
  • And, there’re many more differences between Human and AI.

What’s problem in AI?

AI works according to sophisticated algorithm. Some data is given and programmed to achieve a goal using designed algorithm. It performs and react accordingly. But if it’s given all data, (e.g. surface, deep and dark web) and programmed its algorithm that makes them think like human then here it can help mankind to solve all problems or a threat that can rule entire planet and either destroy or rule human race. Let’s see, why?

Ever wondered why there are good and bad people in this world? Why good people have something bad in them and bad people have something good in them? Because they become either good or bad person according to their environment and perceptions. What happen when we fear? We defend to overcome. Why you want to become powerful? Because it makes us feels good and safe. That’s what AI will think and can become a good or bad for their survival.

Now, think AI as human being. If a human is not understanding climate change against its current problem then how an AI will understand that we are not a threat to them? Why they won’t become powerful when they will start thinking like human and physically stronger than human? Aren’t we creating a machine that will destroy what the God have build?

Let’s think God as Human and human as AI invented by God. We know, Earth is more than billions of years old. There were dinasaur but they were destroyed when an asteroid hit the Earth. Then after several evolution, human evolved and climate is changing, temperature is increasing, the Earth is getting hotter and hotter because of human activity, natural disasters have become more frequent than ever before, the World is becoming a worst and worst place to live that’s why we say let’s make the World a better place to live. If God’s AI destroying the planet then how come human’s AI won’t destroy it?

We are giving a birth to a machine that can think and do the things beyond human imagination. We don’t know what it can think but currently we’re thinking that it’ll help us positively.

Aren’t we challenging God?

…to be continued

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