Inquisitive High Hopes of Pushpam’s Political Shift Dream!

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Pushpam Priya Chaudhary is her full name and she’s chasing an impossible dream for many. But I believe she can make it possible but political shift what she wants is the toughest thing she dreamed of. By any chance, probability is rare for her to win and crowned as CM of Bihar. I’m writing it with my personal experience with people and local community of Bihar. I will talk good and bad about her in this article, I will sound bullshit sometime but the truth, only truth, nothing but truth.

“If no one is hating you, then you’re doing something wrong.” There’s no uproar in Bihar politics because of her joining, means there’s something wrong with Pushpam.

First thing first, her name, I mean her full name has already limited her from reaching everyone because of her surname, caste politics affect the political game. Grudge and ego, sometime lack of awareness in the people of Bihar is so high that makes them blind to see positive energy,. PS: I’m referring Bihar to its voting population, not everyone.

She might look arrogant but she’s determined. After following her from last few weeks, for me it’s looks like she just wanted to copy-paste UK in Bihar. First negative point is in her poster, the word, ‘HATE’ in the phrase, ‘Love Bihar, Hate Politics?’. She need to understand that people don’t really hate politics, they may hate certain politicians and their political strategies, even children in Bihar are good in politics and they enjoy it. One can’t talk about prosperity against hate, prosperity automatically remove hate when it arrives. There are anger and discomfort within people due to political leaders but for that we can’t kill the politics itself, politics is necessary to run any country. Politics is the only system through which we can make a difference in the life of common citizens because nobody have that much money and channel to change lives, yeah it’s infected by viruses so we need to clean it rather to replace the whole system.

Name of her political party, its logo and posters is full of English, are inspired by UK which has nothing to represent in Indian culture, I don’t know if she knows that people who can read and understand English is less that what she might be expected. If it’s about creating an image by big-bold English words then sorry to say, false advertising. She should use posters with Hindi text on it, try to learn Bhojpuri, at least some famous phrases and popular song’s lines.

Her dressing sense, it would not matter at all if she had joined anything else than politics, I would  rather say to stop being an English Madam. She can do more with Indian attire. Personally speaking, I feel more comfortable in shirt-pant than jeans-tshirts, I might sounds like an introvert what I am but this is because I wear cloths according to comfort and culture rather than fashion. “Jaisa desh, waisa bhesh.” At other side, she should embrace Indian culture more than western, western culture is western not Indian, why do we need to look like them to prove ourselves as modern and advance? Our good deeds and efforts are enough to prove. It sounds conservative but we need to value Indian attire, embrace it and praise it more than western. At the political side, there are few Bihari voters who will vote to jeans, their ideology is Indian and they’re not supposed to change it, she can’t and she should not give a try to it, this is not a problem. See how Modi’s khadi fashion have made positive impact on its sales which eventually have benefited citizens. When you become a public figure, your lifestyle matters.

She’s talking about SDGs and dirty politics, so? There was MDGs and it expired, there was Lalu Yadav and now he’s gone and Nitish Kumar is far better. It’s all because there was no solution to it. Climate Change is global and many are not entertaining it because don’t even realize that it’s a problem. Complain is not a solution, if she’s complaining a lot then she have no any solutions to any problems. Till now, she has visited many places, showing it, complaining about it and claiming she will change it, but how? People are not prepared for change. They actually don’t know, don’t believe and don’t realize that change is possible and fruitful. There is fear in people of losing what they already have and there’s no faith of gaining what they can get by recognizing opportunities, here’s the dirty politics are played by shattering their confidence if anyone try to remove fear from them. The day she’ll start removing fear from people, then oppositions will start creating trouble for her.

If she’s calling it a master plan then I’m more doubtful if she really want to copy/paste UK to India or is there a way of achieving it. Vertical Industrial Hub is useless when you don’t have brain to run it, else we would have built building like ‘World Trade Center of US’ in India and India would have become America or better. Rather calling it a master plan, she should call it a vision which will take several decades to achieve. Basic problem not just infra, I’m challenging her if she’ll achieve this master plan in a decade then I’ll donate 10% shares of my company to her political party. I wish I would be wrong because I really wanted somebody to do something like Vertical Industrial Hub.

People want to create a stream of income so that they could enjoy their life, many just want to achieve a normal life. For that, we need to grow markets in Bihar, improve infrastructures, healthcare, education and awareness. It cannot happen in couple of years or in a decade rather it’ll take many decades to achieve it. The way she’s claiming she’ll change the Bihar is quite difficult not impossible but it’s not direct fight to improve Bihar because so many negative forces will block the road that will waste time removing them.

So, here’s how she can fulfill her inquisitive high hopes and achieve political shift. Firstly she’s required to spend sometime with doctors in the hospitals in Bihar that will help her to understand the what are the diseases, their patterns and how to cure it. She’ll also understand why there are cure but patients dies due to any conspiracy and financial crisis. At grassroots level, currently she’s insufficient to even reach the patients physically as well as mentally because patients are already brainwashed by local negative energy to believe that there’s no cure to their diseases and nobody could cure it. What if people don’t believe in her vaccine which could really cure and save their lives? This is what actually will happen and this, this is were she will fail if she won’t come up with some very complex strategy but simple solutions at implementation. If she will find a way to reach and impact at the grassroots level then she could lead and crowned as Modern CM of Bihar.

We’ve LiveAcademia (, Urinalytics (, Saptkrishi (, Jarvis IoT (under development) and Balraj Software ( that to solve social problems by its technology. She could use our technology as a solution because all of them are built for providing solutions to mass of the population.

When I came to Bihar after 10 years, I received so many criticism, like, I don’t understand business, my hairstyle, my dressing sense, my work, my startups, I’m mad, bla bla bla, even I received many threats so that I could leave this place. But, I’m so ducking determined person that if I’ve thought something to do then nothing can stop me from achieving it. In last couple of years, they were shouting, protesting against my every steps and I was building assets worth more than they would earn in their lifetime, they’re double of my age and still have not built their home and living in a single room with kitchen in it, I don’t know how their children would be adjusting or sleeping on floor. But they shout-out about their status in the market is like they are Ambani. It feels so mesmerizing when I see these people double of my age competing me, they’re truly retarded who have failed their life with procrastination. Now, they feel jealous because rather to procrastinating like them I’m building technologies and  achieving my goals at the age when they had highest achievement was to having a girlfriend or run away with her, LOL, hahaha. At their age, I won’t be competing someone half of my age, nobody does except failures, it’s a symbol and sign of being retarded, I’ve already mentioned they are. In fact, I don’t really compete anyone because I’m doing my best which makes me better me than I was yesterday.

Anyway, whatever the results will but believe in these lines of Steve Jobs, because for me, it worked.

There are so much much much and much more things I could write but it’s not that easy, I just wanted to welcome her and give her a glimpse of Bihar from my experience and perspective because at least she’s trying to bring social positive change in Bihar. I wish her all the best and hope if she’ll read this article then it’ll help her. I’m not coming into politics, it was never my dream neither I wanted to be an IAS/IPS officer, if these UPSE and Politics were my dream then today I would be debating at parliament or have occupied any DM/SP office, but nah, I love building technology, I’m very happy and I enjoy it a lot.

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