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Picture this, you’re standing next to a road, all of sudden you heard a loud sound from your back, a few seconds later you saw a sports car before you could identify it, it disappeared. This is me in the Mitsubishi Lancer integrated with JARVIS IoT by Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. which enables it to start the engine, lock/unlock doors, blow horns, and many other features which are controlled using smartphone, I developed this system.

At Balraj Research and Development Centre, we’re working on it to provide an advance car automation system at affordable cost which will enable you to interact with your car and make your journey more safer and secure your car.

Now, picture this, you’re on tour and sitting in America, your friend or family needs your car in an emergency but you’ve taken your keys with you. You can do nothing but once you integrate your car with Jarvis then you’ll be able to share your car keys using a mobile app. Your friend will install our app, create an account, login and get digital car keys shared by you with an interface to control the car. We’ve already developed this system and we’re developing more features into it and testing. Once we’ll get everything tested, we will launch it.

Our company is being supported by Incubation Centre, IIT Patna with technical and business mentorship that is helping us it to make it more advance at the same time affordable for everyone.

Stay tuned with our updates on social media: Seach ‘Jarvis IoT’ or visit https://www.facebook.com/Jarvis.IOT.Platform

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