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Ever wondered that why everyone defines leadership differently?

Because leadership is everywhere. Leadership is never defined by number, it is defined by deeds. For a small project, there’s a leader who’s leading a group of five person to accomplish the project. For a nation, Prime Minister is a leader who’s leading nation to run a government. In both case, they are leader at their place. This is why everyone defines leadership, differently.

Who can be a leader?

You. Yes, you can be a great leader but all you need is to kick-start and validate your leadership. At this point, if you’re thinking that if you can be a great leader then you’re going to become a great leader within few days then you’re absolutely wrong. I’ve experience of leading young people from around the World since 2011 and still I’m on the way to become top leader of the country, and the World. But definitely, I will. So, you can.

What does it takes to become a leader?

See the featured image of this post, this is a picture of 2012 and I’m sharing it today. In 2012, me and Aman met at Hindustan Young Leaders Conference in Chennai and then we’re college students. And today in 2017, we’re CEO of Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. and R2 Robotronics respectively. It mean, it takes whole lot of dedication, hard work, blood and sweat. A day in your life will become when everyone will be laughing at you if you’re a simple person today. More you’ll step-up, more you’ll be hated. You’ll be wrong and fail for many times and right and successful for the few times. Not every person can easily bear these failures, and, success is not permanent. We debated on local and global issues, about youth and the country, and, followed and listened to the leaders who have validated their leadership with their great efforts by making a difference in the lives of many. It takes, years to learn and get a badge of leadership.

Where to start with leadership?

See again, the featured image of this post and that confidence in our eyes, that’s our vision. We already and started and took several years to become a leader. If you’ve eager to become a leader then currently you’re at the right platform. Go to membership of this network, sign-up for membership and get started to with leadership.

What you can do with leadership skill?

It’s like supernatural power that applies everywhere when you want to make a difference in the World independent of field. It depends on you, whether you want to be a leader of a group of five people or the nation.

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