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I would rather say that I’ve achieved Nirvana which means, in Hinduism, Nirvana is a place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven. Nirvana is the highest state that someone can attain, a state of enlightenment, meaning a person’s individual desires and suffering go away. But, I cannot let my desires go away that’s why I’m calling it that I’ve achieved Tranquillity rather Nirvana.

Contentment: The major part of the population lacking contentment. Most people feel lack of content for money, property, name and fame, and power. In my perspective, I was lacking my contentment because I had some important questions unanswered due to which I was spending a lot of time finding answers to these questions. Now, when I’ve found the answers I’m feeling content.

Comprehensive: Everyday, hundreds of WH- questions raise in our brain which creates curiosity. After completing research, these WH- questions has gone to another level. The room for general WH- questions closed because most of them are answered in details and an advance room is opened. In this advance, I know how to answer these WH- questions in details, all I’ve to do is to solve only problems that will change the World.

Allegiance: Commitment is what most fail to achieve, not just because of false hypothesis but also because of procrastination. I see people procrastinate things in order to achieve benefit from negative deeds. But the hardest part they understand is, only a seed of fruit will grow fruits but they still chose to poisoning things and in return they get affected. I’m committed to allegiance for a better world, a better tomorrow.

Power: The most misused and mistaken word is, power. Power is misused when compassion is overlooked in leadership. The reality is, people lacks knowledge to fight against evil. I always fight against evils without going violent. The lion in the featured image of this post is calm rather roaring because now he knows what he can and what he cannot do, also what he want and what he do not want to do. The state of being tranquil is the result of wisdom which came from research.

Responsibility: Have you ever responsible for any serious project in your school or any serious offense? In both cases, we took the responsibility to achieve a goal whether it was good or evil. In case of good, we were applauded and awarded to keep doing good things in life but in the case of evil, we were penalized so that we couldn’t repeat it again. When I’ve finished my research, I’m focused on taking responsibilities, not ordinary but extraordinary responsibilities to change the world. Some of them are: President at Green Youth Generation, CEO at Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd., COO at Urinalytics Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., COO at Saptkrishi Scientific Pvt. Ltd., and Director at Balraj Computer Training Research and Development Centre.

Focus: If you’ve property then some people would be focused on taking it away from you but you may be focused multiplying more properties to build your empire. Both are focused but according to their ability to do things. I’m now focused on technology, inventing them, building them, enhancing them, extending them and advancing them to achieve different UN Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable future.

Business: Until now, we don’t any have product or services in the category of B2C. Currently, we’re dealing with B2B only and providing different product and services to businesses by developing mobile applications, web applications, desktop applications and IoT applications. So, when I’ve completed my research, I’m building something, a product that will fall into the category of B2C.

This is it, my life after completing a research and some beautiful reasons I achieved tranquillity.

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