Mastering Computer Number System Conversion

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Whether you’re a computer student or maths student or computer enthusiast, you should learn number system conversion so that you could understand why computer understand 0s and 1s.
Lecture 1: What’s in this Course?
Lecture 2: Introduction to Computer Number System
Lecture 3: Practice – Decimal Integer to Binary, Octal and Hexademal
Lecture 4: Practice – Decimal Fraction to Binary Conversion
Lecture 5: Practice – Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal to Decimal
Lecture 6: Practice – Binary to Octal, Hexadecimal Conversion
Lecture 7: Practice – Octal, Hexadecimal to Binary Conversion
Lecture 8: Practice – Binary Addition and Subtraction
Watch the Youtube Playlist below of BCTRDC (Balraj Computer Training Research and Development Centre) YouTube Channel.

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