Mothers Day and Election

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The Largest democracy of the World is choosing a leader who could strengthen our cultural and society. We Indians call our nation Mother India and let’s say Happy Mothers Day to our India and then to our mothers.

I would have posted this blog in the morning but I thought to let’s wait until now. This is here, not a single political party or person celebrated Mothers Day for our Mother India. Even those political organization who ask everyone to day say,”Bharat Mata Ki Jaya!“. Irony is, this blog post will not be sought because most of the people who share this will be questioned, “Did you celebrated?”.

Look there’s nothing wrong in our nationalism, people need to understand that we don’t need to prove it.

Today, Sanjeev Ranjan Sir have posted another masterpiece and a reminder to India that who we are, what we do and what we can do. It’s above politics and more about us. Watch below and next time if anyone will ask you to prove your nationalist then share this video “Jana Tantra Hum Gana Tantra Hum” and yes, if you can’t share this blog post then at least share this video –

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