Music – The Language of the Heart

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I know few human and few computer languages to communicate with you and computer. But, the music, is the language which I used to communicate with my heart, mind and the soul. Music adds feelings into the words, and the words become soulful which revive the heart. I’ve a private playlist on YouTube and Wynk which consists of more than 500 hundreds songs, songs I play depending the mood.

Today, I’m sharing some of my songs and you’re completely free to judge me.

Here are my 10 songs –

1. My all time favorite song, and it’s most played in my playlist –

2. This was most played song during my college after my father expired.

3. But my friends were always there for me like brothers and never let me down. So later this song became my most played into my playlist.

4. Then, I started living again what makes this song my second most played song.

5. The photographs of my childhood, my parents, with my friends and the events is what always kept me connected and tells story of my life.

6. This became most played song when I had my first car, Mitsubishi Lancer. Always wanted my Dad to sit next to me while I’m driving. He was more like my best friend than a father who gave me wings to dream big and achieve.

7. Mom expired in 2003 and Dad expired in 2014, nothing else could more painful than losing them what make me believe in myself more than anything or anyone else. This become my favorite when started building Jarvis in 2017. I’ve shared different version of the video my post The Tie Knot – click here.

If you don’t know what the Jarvis is then it’s an IoT platform by my company Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. what helps you to power electronics devices with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and control it remotely over internet with app or voice command. Here’s vision and future that I can imagine that one day Jarvis will become our companion. If you don’t know, full form of Jarvis is, Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. Starting pre-booking of 1000 devices very soon.

8. This helps in rebooting my heart.

9. The song which I enjoy while traveling.

10. And this is when I’m angry. John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is my favorite movie character after Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr).



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