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Character, the first thing our society and men want to see in women in India. Most of the time women’s character is measured with the size of their clothes or what are they wearing. Let’s measure the character of the institutions that have created these kind of parameters and the institutions which oppose it.

But before we begin, let’s make it very clear few things to avoid misunderstanding. In my point of view, an individual, group, family or society with a vision and mission is also an institution in itself. And myself, also playing a role as an institution in this essay. Because we as a people are also part of some bigger institutions like government, companies and organizations, which affect the bigger one if the character is bad. In short, there’s a very old saying,”One dirty fish can contaminate the pond.”

The India is contaminated with dirty politics and their leaders.

An institution is always known for its values and behaviour. No matter who did wrong, we always seek the name of the institution s/he belongs and then judge them. The least capable people who shouted the most are the product of some institution whose values, moral and behaviour are very low. I’m irreverent to these people and their institution, you can judge the character of my institution here.

Whether it’s the largest democracy in the world or any government, requires a visionary leader to maintain the constitution in the country. At the same time, these leaders are elected by the citizens which reflect the WANT of the nation, a corrupt or an honest governance. This is how, we have corrupt or honest politicians with full of scams or without it.

To maintain the largest democracy, election plays a vital role to chose leaders who will ultimately lead the nation. Since independence day, India witnessed fourteen different Prime Ministers with a different vision and mission. Currently, Narendra Modi is doing something that was never happened before neither it was possible due to lack of technnological advancement in the time of old Prime Ministers. Also, he has created a positive image of the country internationally like it was never before. If I would be the Prime Minister of India then I would be doing the same what Narendra Modi is doing now, incorporating the technology to run the government and reach people and directly benefitted them. It’s going to be 5 years of this government by 2019 and for the first time, in his tenure citizens have fully participated in government initiatives which has brought some postive changes in our society. It’s a bad luck to see that still some people are unhappy because they wanted to see hundren percent change, oh these pessimist people. Ah!! Only problem is, maintaining the consistency and coordination between the government and the citizen, because there’s an opposition party who easily manipulate least educated innocent people by pouring poison in their mind. The irony is we are dreaming India to be a great place to live without making ourself, our family and our society great for others. We need fully participation of the citizen for inclusive development that’s what Narendra Modi is trying to do.

India was princely states ruled by different rulers before British Rule that means there was no concept of India before British Rule. They were united to fight against the slavery of British Rule in which Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel played a great role in it. But again the irony is his spectacular three thousand crores ruppees Statue of Unity not able to unite India.

I just remember one poem written by a friend Nikky Jha, here it is –

बातें करू देश की या ताजमहल बनवाऊ मै,
होठ गुलाबी या नयन झील या गीत देश के गाऊं मै।
यौवन भटक गया देश का, जाने किन सपनो में,
प्रेम राग सीने में आग, राह कौन सी जाऊं मैं।।

दिल कहता है हीर ढूंढ़ लूं, जुल्फों में जिसके तक़दीर ढूंढ़ लूं,
राँझा मुझको बना दे कोई, ऐसी एक तस्वीर ढूंढ़ लूं।
देख नैन ख्वाब मैं उसी के, गीत उसी के गाऊँ मैं,
प्रेम राग सीने में आग, राह कौन सी जाऊं मैं।।

लेकिन खून उबल जाता है, हर सपना छल जाता है,
जब चिता में सीता जलती है, इंद्र किसी को छल जाता हैं।
पलकों की छाँव में झुमु या ये आग़ बुझाऊं मैं,
प्रेम राग सीने में आग़, राह कौन सी जाऊं मैं।।

From the above poem, I wanted to bring the essence of present dillema of young people especially in rural India. It’s not because of themselves but because of the leaders have brought them into the situtation. The misguidance, the leg-pulling culture and bystander apathy is in the air which has psychologically affected the society. Change starts from ourselves, our family and our society, for that, we need a leader with positive attitute. From many decades, there was not much connectivity between the government and its citizens and lack of public and private institutions for education and opportunities so falling in love was a better choice than commenting on social issues. Still, many people from those days are in devastating state of mind who don’t believe that present youth are more aware and responsible than youth of their age. And today’s youth are least wanted to fall in love and more wanted to make a difference so they are open-minded. How come a person judge the character of a woman by dress and could understand that boys and girls are equal when there was no gender equality in their time, in their family and their society neither they understand the definition of gender equality? Why we should not see the dress of the woman and judge the character of men, family and the society, because it shows that whether that woman is wearing her clothes by choice or by force?

Still, we can’t see gender equality of India in top of the list because I already quoted that the India is contaminated with dirty politics and their leaders. All we’ve to do is to need to figure out these insitutions that have created these leaders and bring them to the right path. Because it’s easy to trackback these institutions as the character of an institution is reflected from its leader.  I remember one more poem by the person who born before independence and die after independence of India, Late Shri Atal Bihari Bhajpayi who served three times as Prime Minister of India but only one time he completed his full term as Prime Minsiter. I think, he was trying to show the reflections of some leaders, here it is –

गीत नहीं गाता हूँ, गीत नहीं गाता हूँ,
बेनकाब चेहरे हैं, दाग बड़े गहरे हैं,
टूटता तिलिस्म आज सच से भय खाता हूँ,
गीत नहीं गाता हूँ, गीत नहीं गाता हूँ।।

लगी कुछ ऐसी नज़र, बिखरा शीशे का शहर,
अपनों के मेले में, मीत नहीं पाता हूँ।

पीठ में छूरी सा चाँद, राहु गया रेखा फान्द,
मुक्ति के क्षणों में, बार-बार बंध जाता हूँ,
गीत नहीं गाता हूँ, गीत नहीं गाता हूँ।।

गीत नया गाता हूँ, गीत नया गाता हूँ,
टूटे हुए तारों से फूटे वासंती स्वर,
पत्थर की छाती में उग आया नव अंकुर,
झरे सब पीले पात, कोयल की कुहुक रात,
प्राची में, अरुणिमा की रेख देख पाता हूँ,
गीत नया गाता हूँ, गीत नया गाता हूँ।।

टूटे हुए सपने की सुने कौन, सिसकी?
अंतर को चीर व्यथा, पलकों पर ठिठकी,
हार नहीं मानूंगा, रार नई ठानूंगा,
काल के कपाल पर, लिखता-मिटाता हूँ,
गीत नया गाता हूँ, गीत नया गाता हूँ।।

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