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I took the featured picture of this blog post from returning flight when I was returning after attending IYONS (International Youth NGO Summit) where I was invited as Representative of Green Youth Generation (an organization founded by me and my friends which became one of the largest youth NGO in Asia-Pacific with coordinators in more than 70+ nations recognized by United Nations, Govt. of India and many national and international esteemed organization) and at the same time I was 3rd Year engineering student. And, I was neither topper of the varsity nor my batch but I was one of the most valuable students of the varsity (stated by Anupam Kumar Singh, Former Director, IET, JKLU).

Let’s get back in time when I was in school to understand what I’m talking about and how I did that. I never had pressure about marks and become the topper of the classroom because I was the only child after five sisters. Also, my parents had given me the freedom to chose to become what I wanted to be, what I am today. So, what’s the role of marks in life?

When I was studying in school and college I was never dreamed to get a highly paid career. The reason why I never leaned for a job was that I never experienced financial burdens and was already belong to a powerful family so UPSE was never a choice for me. The way my upbringing have done is, money has no place in my priorities list what gives me a different perspective and value of life.

In the classroom, I always gave my best to understand what is being taught and raised questions on topics I didn’t understand. During exams, I answered the questions in my answer sheets in my own words. After exams, I never waited for results because I already knew that I studied and given exams honestly. Whatever results may come it wouldn’t put any pressure on me neither my parents would scold me for bad results. But I always had good results in exams and never became a topper.

I cleared AIEEE exams (now called JEE Mains) with 639 state rank and ~6000 AIR. Most people were surprised when I cleared AIEEE in the first attempt. I had the option to chose any department of engineering but I selected Computer Science & Engineering Department at NIT Patna during counseling but didn’t take admission because my uncle said my Dad to ask me to prepare for one more year and clear IITJEE (now called JEE Advance). The time taken in discussing and deciding to drop NIT Patna offer and prepare for IITJEE was wasted, I lost my seat at NIT Patna because the deadline was crossed to take admission. I wanted to take admission to IIT but only if it was cleared the first attempt so I wanted to join NIT. Later I joined private college, founded Youth NGO name Green Youth Generation ( with my friends, and started studying engineering while using technical skills in developing the web application and leadership skill manage and create youth leaders around the world.

Until now, the marks I got in board exams were used as a qualification to join prestigious schools and colleges but it’s never required to be a topper. Most of the time an average student clear some competitive exams what topper don’t. Ever heard the news like CBSE Topper cleared IITJEE? It happens very rarely like Bihar Board Topper Topped Medical Exam but not always.

During college, the importance of college marks is the same as the importance of board marks is to either qualify for a job or for joining college for further higher education.

The Myth about Topper: The way our society has created the image of a Topper is totally deceptive. It is hampering the really talented students. In fact, pick up and read the biography of any successful people, you will always find examination marks do not define you.

Many times I was mistaken by my faculties, they were highly educated (PhD holders) but it happened. But the time always stands with the truth. When one of my faculty realizes his mistake then he sent this message below and I have nothing else to prove that marks do not define us –

Today, I’m running a software company name Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. being icubated at IIT Patna but I still battle against prejudice in my day to day life. I reply to them by putting a smile on my face. I have achieved my dreams and on my way to achieving many other dreams. Believe me, I never used my marks to support my arguments in my life, I don’t talk about marks.

And, just because you read this blog post then doesn’t mean everyone else has read it, my blog posts reach a couple of thousands of people who may or may not be of your circle. But when you’ve learned the value marks, I believe, you will achieve so many of your dreams. And whenever you get mistaken for anything whether it results then ask yourself, “How someone else could know about me better than myself?”.

Always remember that our exam results reflect the marks of answers we answered for the questions we were asked not for the questions that were not asked during our exams but they were also important and we know the answers.

Goodluck for the bright future ahead.

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