How To Set and Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions – My Goodbye to 2017

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Ever sacrificed anything? Yes? Yes, everyone on the planet is sacrificing something every single second. If you’re reading this post, you’re sacrificing your time to learn something from this post or say, my experience. Every year we set new goals and there are many people who fail, accomplish and do more than their goals. Why and how?

I’ll use some computer science terms which you can Google if you don’t understand. Every year we realize that whether we’ve achieved or failed to achieve our goals. And, we laugh in reaction of both and set new goals for the new year. All we want is, better version of ourselves.

In computer science, in a deadlock situation processes start starving because none of them able to use given resource and computer can’t do anything without restarting the system. Let me make it easy to understand, if your brain have capacity to handle 2 task at a time but your brain doesn’t work if your brain try to execute more than 2 task at a time. Right now, you’re reading as well as trying to understand this so you’re focus is on this post and your other activity are waiting for you to execute after reading this post. Same thing happens in computer, there are so many processes are in queue but they’re focused on completing one or more task on the basis of processor and algorithm. There we use scheduling algorithm to schedule other processes so that they could immediately start executing after completing current task.

Now, suppose you’ve 100 task to accomplished. How much time will it take? First, you need to figure it out that how much time will be taken by each task, and sum it together, that’s easy. This will decide how many goals you can set in one year.

Now it’s time for execution, there are so many way to execute each task, like according to priority or pleasure or passion or pain, or whatever you think is best way to start executing. But, you’ve to chose wisely. Every algorithm do not give same result. Most successful algorithm for me is passion. I execute tasks on the basis of passion and after accomplishing passionate tasks, I start executing on the basis of priority and so on. This is how I and many people accomplish their goals.

What are you thinking now? Just make it sure that you won’t divert yourself or forget to practice it throughout the year (365 days) else all task will be in pending and you won’t able to accomplish your all goals or fail again.

I want you to come back and read this post again and again until you master this way of accomplishing your goals. And if you’re reading this article on our mobile app then it’s great else download BAO Network from Google Play Store.

This is my favorite quote of 2017,“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

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