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How much difficult do you think that is to unlock our potentials? Hard? Very Hard? Extremely hard? Yes, it is or if it would be easy then everybody would be doing it, right? Having a life in which we do what we love that could make our life super awesome require infinite zeal, passion and so many sacrifices. It’s not that easy to stay motivated to reach at the top. Difficulties come into the path to make us feel low or quit our dream, vision and goal.

Do you know that if you don’t get difficulties in life or not able to solve difficulties you face then you’ll remain who you are because you will never ever be able to realize your hidden potentials. I thank to my parents, teachers, professors, mentors, colleagues and friends for teaching me how to solve problems and also thank to haters who try to make my life difficult, I would like to invite them again and again and again to try to make more difficulties. What I’ve gained from those difficulties is what makes me who I am today. President at Green Youth Generation (NGO), CEO at Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd.(Software Company), COO at Urinalytics Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.(Healthcare Electronics Company), COO & Data Analyst at SaptKrishi Scientific Pvt. Ltd. (Agro Scientific Company) and Innovator at UN Sustainable Development Solution Network – Youth. From Social Entrepreneurship to Serial Entrepreneurship, currently I’m responsible for developing innovative and smart technologies for school, healthcare and agriculture, many more are coming.

Once we unlock our true potentials, it becomes our language which can be heard in our words and seen in our body and experienced in our behavior. I hail from a computer science field which has become integral part of our most of the thing. Many things we are doing on electronics devices are being recorded and computed for many applications. E.g. I know where are you from, which device you’re using to read this post, which internet browser are you using, how often you come back to my website and how much time do you spend on my website. Only thing I do not know about you is your identity, i.e. you name, email, etc.until or unless you register or subscribe to my website. I used these data to analyze and understand you to create more useful content.

There’s one question must be running in your head that is how I manage these position in multiple companies? Answer is, it’s easy for me, I’m expert in software. It’s like managing different relationship without changing who you are unlike some relationships which demand you to change for them. It means, I’m responsible for developing innovative software technologies, create strategies and make data driven decisions what makes my role as Chief Operating Officer at these companies. I can make things 10X to 100X better, efficient and sustainable.

Sometime, we get a car, but we need a driver who can tour, rally, sprint, drift, drag and race because the destination we chose don’t used to have an easy road. You can choose Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. (Leveraging Technology for Relevance and Retention) for software development and me for making more strategic decisions with positive outcome.

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