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Teachers are called Guru in Hindi and Sanskrit. There’s a Sanskrit quote for teachers which I want to dedicate to every teacher on this Teachers Day who taught me the greatest lessons of life –

चैतन्यः शाश्वतःशान्तो व्योमातीतो निरंजनः ।
बिन्दुनाद कलातीतः तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥

which means, “Salutation to the noble Guru, who is the ever effulgent, eternal, peaceful, beyond space, immaculate, and beyond the manifest and unmanifest.”

I’m dedicating this Teachers Day blog post to our university professors. The featured image of this blog post is the last slide of my powerpoint presentation during National Symposium on “Geomatics for Digital India”and Annual conventions of Indian Society of Geomatics & Indian Society of Remote Sensing”. I was doing a research and the title was ‘Global India Business Centre’. It was the only research paper selected from our university and published. It will no possible without the help Dr. Gireesh Kaushik Sir who was Assitant Professor as well as pursuing his Ph.D. Guess what? I’m writing this blog post sitting in ‘Rural India Business Centre’, a model of Global India Business Centre.

Gireesh Sir always treated me like his younger brother, he helped and guided me in my many projects. Beyond academics, he always given moral support to me, and we were used to discuss a lot of things in the field of science and technology. Professors like Dr. Anupam Singh Sir (Director of Institute of Technology), Dr. S.K. Majumdar Sir (Director of Institute of Management), Devendra Bhavsar Sir, Dr. Sonal Jain Maám (HOD of CSE), Dr. Richa Sharma Maam,  Dr. Umesh Gupta Sir, Dr. Kavita Chaudhary Maam, Dr. Shahnwaz Khan Sir, Devendra Punia Sir, Dr. Paras Jain Sir  and Dr. Vipin Jain Sir are people who helped me a lot in mentoring and in academics. I was used to frequently visit their cabin with my ideas, questions and doubts, and they always given time for discussions to find proper solutions. Most of these professors belong to computer science department and the professors who were not in the computer science department were also helped me in some or the other way if I ever needed.

Today, I thank to everyone for their love and care for me which has given me a true meaning of life and a purpose.


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