The Allegiance

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My anger is expensive because I was born with a silver spoon. Whenever I were used get angry, I were start thinking about building a private racing circuit because there’s a speed limit of highest 120KMPH on Indian highway and there was no racing circuit nearby.

Funniest and coolest part of India is, you get a nickname for everything. E.g. They’ve named it Pagli Gaadi (Mad Car) to my Lancer and you’ll know why.

I were used to accelerate it on highway when it was zero traffic. What’s the point of driving but not accelerating when it’s Mitsubishi Lancer? Whenever I was getting angry, I wanted to race between me and my anger, I’ve won all the time by controlling the speed, break and acceleration. But Indian roads leads to casualties due to heavy traffic and sudden pedestrian crossing the road. So, I no longer drive fast instead stay peaceful.

Why I were used to get angry? Because of unwanted entertainment by my haters. I love people who hates me, they are my best comedy entertainment. But, I hate entertainment in unwanted time. Now, I don’t get angry, I simply recover the losses due to their unwanted entertainment show. Because, they’re not my family or friends, and there’s no racing circuit nearby.

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