The Changemakers

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After we founded Green Youth Generation NGO in 2011 and within six month we organized our first and biggest event that was Youtharia Games in Minz Stadium.
We were not those people who criticize things rather we took several initiatives to make a positive difference in our society. Year-by-year, our team became bigger and created more than 400 leaders in 78 countries during Youtharia Revolution.

Many of us became representative of our respective countries and represented the voices of youth at national and international conferences of United Nations and others. GYGNGO is a factory of Changemakers were we manufacture visionary leaders.

We thank to everyone who were part of our event during Youtharia Games 2011.

Once again, application for Youtharia Revolution is open to give young people a chance to showcase their leadership and make a difference in our society. To apply, visit:

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