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Pandemic, is of-course not The Future We Wanted. I’m not adding anything new in this post but reminding what we were talking about 8 years ago between 6-8 February 2012 during UNEP TUNZA ASIA PACIFIC CHILDREN AND YOUTH CONFERENCE at CEE, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

First of all, I thanks to Madhavi Joshi, Pramod Kumar Sharma and Jyoti Gopinathan from CEE for inviting me to the conference and recognizing my efforts.

China in Wuhan have done either one single mistake of disturbing the ecosystem by slaughtering and eating wildlife and inherited the Coronovirus from animal or created the Coronavirus itself in its laboratory, it’ll be clear very soon after the investigation. In either case, we were always against it in one or the other way.

We were few visionary children and youth leaders in 2012, I was just entering into my 18s and talking about sustainable future and changing the world. Watch the video below, and must watch till end because if it’ll not give you goosebumps then nothing will and there’re six points that we proposed supported by UNEP, CEE India, BAYER, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India, Unicef, ITDP and ArcelorMittal.

If you don’t know what’s Green Economy the watch these two videos below –


Now, read the everything we did during those 3 days so that we couldn’t face what we are facing today around the world as Coronovirus, the Pandemic. Must read our Declaration on page 4 and Words of the Wisdom by us on page 15 and 16 of the pdf. If you want to download it then click here.

Only future we wanted and still we want is, Sustainable Lifestyle for a Green Economy


Currently, I’m working as CEO at Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd., President at Green Youth Generation, COO at Urinalytics Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and COO at Saptkrishi Scientific Pvt. Ltd. You can contact for creating sustainable business by writing mail to: official[at]

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