The Journey of UNEP TUNZA Children and Youth Conference

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At age 18, seven years back, on exactly same day and date 8th February 2012 I told,“Children and youth are future of any country, they can change the World. They can do anything whatever they want, if they wish to do.” And today, we at Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. launched International Customer Care/Support for our clients. Picture below –

So, I went to YouTube and searched for the video below in which you’ll find me speaking the same –

I believed in my own words, and it wasn’t just me, that quote was published by UNEP. I was small but what I said was supported and appreciated by great people like Anil Kumar Gupta Sir, Founder of Honey Bee Network, Professor of IIM, Ahmedabad and Executive Vice Chair of National Innovation Foundation. Also, Madhavi Joshi Ma’am, Programme Director, Centre for Environment Education(CEE), Ahmedabad, Sindhishree Kullar Ma’am, Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India, Satwant Kaur Ma’am, Regional Information Officer, UNEP ROAD, Bangkok, and several other people.

It was all started small from a small town of Bihar, India which reached to more than 15 nations within six months later 78 nations of our initiative Green Youth Generation. What exactly we did was, we debated and discussed on some topics related to sustainability, went to city for a project to collect data of vehicle and analyze the carbon emission, and finally we youth representatives from Asia-Pacific region drafted a declaration that what kind of future we want. This was the first time I was contributed in creating policy for Government and organizations to implement and bring social positive changes in the society.

Here’s the glimpse of the conference –

Today, I develop technologies as a solution for complicated problems. Because, during engineering I thought if I can create such impact then what if more people will have technology? So, I started a software company and created solutions for businesses to create more employment, reach more people and bring more positiveness in the society. Since then, I’m unstoppable creating technologies has become my passion. I feel great after building technologies for our clients.

I’m saving the environment by digitalizing the organizations and businesses which reduces costs of papers, travel, and all, in short, the technology I develop reduces the carbon footprint as well as improve the management and its efficiency which help them succeed in their respective businesses.

One of our product is, LiveAcademia – Modular School Management Software which is flexible and can be used by small, medium and large schools to digitalize and give more time and focus on their childrens. It’s awesome tech. You can learn more about it at:

Today on 8th February 2019, when I’m looking back. I’m thanking to all those great people and fellow delegates, I’m feeling elated. Hope, we’ll meet again somewhere at some point, God knows.

Dear Reader,
You can do anything whatever you want, if you wish to do. Just make sure, you’re doing it right for bringing positive changes in our society. “Be the change, that you want to see in the World.” – Mahatma Ganhi
Warm Regards,
Balraj Arpit
Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd.

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