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Dr. Balram Jee Prasad, a doctor with a great handwriting, a man with great values, and a father who loved me more than anything else in this World.

Balraj Arpit in which Balraj is made up of the amalgam of Bal from Late Dr. Balram Jee Prasad and Raj from Late. Smt. Rajkumari Devi.

Late Dr. Balram Jee Prasad, my father, is the man who taught greatest lessons of my life. You may know a lot of things about me and today I’m going to share why you know it. You’ve seen me achieving my goals, the immense energy within me, the mission and the vision. How I made things possible at this this young age? Answer is very simple, because of him (my father).

Many people know me for Green Youth Generation while other know me for computer science and Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. Now, you may be thinking, “So what? Many people start a business, what’s special in your story?” I’m writing this post because there’s something very special about my story.

Mother expired when I was a kid, in 2003. Since then, my father and my sisters were supporting me to be whatever I wanted to be. At young age, there’s a lot of things we wanted to do in our life but generally parents gives a full stop to many things. It was different in my case. Until 15 July 2014 the day he expired, everyday I was talking to my father, sharing what I’m doing, what I’m achieving and what I’m thinking next. And, my father was giving me the feedback, sharing his experience and helping me to understand what is right and what is wrong. My father have never say no to me for anything but at the same time he has taught me that why my next move could lead to disaster which stopped me from going in wrong direction.

I was that kid who was not allowed to skip his mother’s eye even while playing in the evening. Now, have been to every metropolitan citites of India and outside India, all alone and not as a tourist but as International Youth Representative of India and President of an international youth organization Green Youth Generation running in 78 countries with a vision of bringing youth in the heart of development.

Look at this picture below. Can you say that he was suffering from cancer? I was in engineering college, he came to meet me and tried his best to hide that he was not physically fit. When I asked him about his caugh then he convinced me that it was just a caugh, he lied. We talked about more than 3-4 hours sitting in Hawa Mahal, Jaipur. He was sharing his experience and guiding me for the future and I was sharing what I was thinking and doing. He was happy and proud with all my achievements.

When I came to home in holiday, I found him that he was in serious condition. I immediately took him to SGPGI, Lukhnow where report says that he was suffering from cancer, because adenocarcinoma was found in his test reports. Then, I immediately consult doctor to refer him to the best hospital in the country, doctors referred him to TMH, Mumbai. I took him to the TMH, Mumbai by next flight.

At Lukhnow airport, police stopped him to check-in to board plane because there was no fit-to-fly certificate. I told them all his medical conditions and also, I’m International Youth Representative of India serving our country from last 4 years, currently running an international NGO in more than 70 countries as President of an NGO while studying engineering. Still, it was not enough because it doesn’t matter at all who the hell I was. But, the humanity of those police helped him to enter airport and board the plane. I’m still thankful to those great police who risked their job for my father because they found something good.

We reached to TMH, Mumbai but we found another problem. He was refused to hospitalized because there was no bed vacant. Again, I went through the website of the hospital, met the doctors and again told them everything what I said to the police. I added, “Doctor, my father is everything to me. If he’s good then I’m good. If I’m good then organization is good.” They considered my request, admitted my father on special case. Every day, I was holding his hand for hours making him believe that I’ll take him to the home.

At the end, after spending a month in the hospital we could not saved him. It was 15th July 2014, Mumbai was raining, doctors asked for emergency medicines, it was expensive so I was running towards ATM to withdraw cash. Roads of Mumbai was full of water, at least 2 feet above the road, you know the condition of Mumbai when it rains. Dad was on mechanical ventilation. Doctors called me and told me we can’t save him. Since then, I changed forever. Dedicated all my life to my father and my mother.

This is the last picture of me taken by father.

Now, I’ve made many of his dreams a reality. If you want to be part of my journey then you can join me –

  1. Green Youth Generation and Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. has started Balraj Computer Training Research and Development Centre.
  2. Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. providing website solutions, web application development, mobile application development and software development.
  3. Short/Long term leadership training for students and corporates.
  4. Mentorship for startup idea or startup.
  5. Urinalytics, a healthcare device for urine test, hardware developed by Nikky Jha and software developed by my company that sends reports to smartphone which can indicate diseases and improve lifestyle by providing helpful information.
  6. Creating contents on this website for inspiring young minds in the field of leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. If you like my contents and my work then you can support me below from $10 to $1000.

There’s a song below, hope you’ll enjoy it.


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