The Nascency

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A lion recently came from the hunt, tired and wounded. What will you do? You must be thinking about consequences of your act because you find it dangerous. Now, you want give a try to one of your thought. You just threw a small stone and the lion didn’t react. You got some guts, you picked another stone but little bigger that could little hurt the lion. You hit again but lion didn’t react. What do you think you’re doing with the lion?

After few hits, the lion gifted you two seeds telling that one seed will give you sweet fruits and other will give you poisonous fruits. Think, why the lion didn’t kill you?

Now, you got two seeds in which one will give you sweet fruits and other will give you poisonous fruits. You sow the seed in your backyard that gives you poisonous fruits. When it was started growing, you were keep lying to your child that it’s a plant of sweet fruits. When it grew up into tree and fruits were ripened, your child ate those without asking you because he was trusting you were right.

Now, who’s responsible for the death? Think, why his father lied?

From one of those two seeds, now you sow the seed that gives sweet fruits. This time you were keep lying to people that it’s poisonous. When it grew up into tree and fruits were ripened, you found that all fruits were stolen and you got nothing.

Why people stolen all fruits leaving not a single fruit for you?

You were angry on people because they stolen your fruits and you beaten one of them. They did not react and gifted you a golden egg with sorry that made you happy.

Why do those people gifted you a golden egg?

That golden egg was so beautiful and sparkling you didn’t sell it. You kept that golden egg securely in the locker. After few days, one of your neighbor call you on phone when you were on work and informed you that your home is on fire. You left your work and immediately returned to home. After returning home, you found that something was burning and flying inside your home. When you checked your locker, it was melted in which all your money and other valuable items were burned.

Something that was burning and flying was a fire-dragon.

What will you do now?

The End.

Let me know what you learned from this story in comment below. Meanwhile, Jacob Lee have published a beautiful song that takes me back to my college days and if it was published when I was in college then it would be my most favorite song, watch below. Also, there’s a new banner of my company below the video, must check out.

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