The Tie Knot

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When I was in school but I don’t exactly remember whether it was class I or II, our tie type were changed from pre-knotted necktie to general necktie to knot ourself and put school badge on it. Those days, dad was living in Dubai. He were used to come in the month of February to surprise me. He always says that he’s not coming home in February or coming after 20th February but he were used to reach home between 16th-18th Feb to celebrate my birthday on 19th.

During our childhood, school sessions was January-December rather April-March. When I was going, he saw me knotting my tie which were messed up because either part of the tie gets longer. I remember, he laughed and hugged me. That day, he taught me how to knot the tie. Since then, every time I knot my tie, I remember him.

Today on 28th February 2020 I was knotting my tie for delivering a presentation at IIT Patna, I remember him and thought to share this experience with world that how a Father is the greatest teacher in life who teach the greatest lessons. It’s not just the tie, the dressing sense, speaking sense and everything else, I learned from him, he’s my real role model. The legacy will continue.

Here’s the song dedicated to him –


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Pranshu Pratyay · February 28, 2020 at 12:13 pm

You are truly a gem. Your hard work, innovation and dedication is truly inspiring. Follow the same path which you are following. The city you are living is hell, older generation people will not change their mindset but the younger one will consider you as a role model. You are inspiring the young one. I wish all your dreams come true. Smart village dream only politician can talk, you are on the way.
Your innovation will provide our city a great name in the world, which was earlier known for only wrong causes.

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