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I had meeting with Amit Das Sir, IT Manager, Collectorate, Siwan who’s also pursuing PhD. He was called me for thinking out of the box. I can’t share what exactly but I’m sharing few things about him and thinking out of the box. So, if you’re not interested in knowing a great person and what’s thinking out of the box then you can close the tab of your browser.

Firstly, I want to tell you about this great personality. He’s humble, honest and workaholic. He reads my blog and facebook posts, I get it from our conversation. See, writing blog helps to reach great people. If you want to start a blog then you can contact Balraj Software at, fairly advertised my company 😉 with the help of blogging while providing you some useful information. So, I was with him till around 7:00 PM IST. He has given me a task, and that task is about thinking out of the box. Also, he has given me some useful suggestions and advises that I will incorporate in my life and business. I can’t tell you about what exactly we talked about but I’ll tell you what’s Thinking Out of The Box in this post.

Silicon valley and startup community generally talk about “Thinking Out of the Box” which is misunderstood by many. To understand this, first you need to understand what’s box. Your environment is the box and you’re inside it. Your thoughts are limited by what perceive from your environment. You do a lot of things there but nothing different or nothing that makes sense and you’re not contributing anything new in the environment that respond local/global problems or something that change things positively. Thinking out of the box means creating or building something with creativity from new perspective, like, no one ever thought something that could exist or possible or happen. It’s not that easy to think out of the box because it requires infinite zeal for conspicuous success. Let’s make it easy to understand with an example.

Look at yourself, know yourself, evaluate yourself, who you are, what you do, what you can do and what you cannot do. It’s very necessary because we decide the journey according to vehicle, you can’t fly a motorcycle, isn’t this true? You, you’re sitting somewhere with your smartphone browsing internet and currently reading my blog. Maybe comparing people or yourself thinking that how’s they do that. Answer is simple, when you were watching a show on Netflix, they were working late night thinking out of the box for creating solution. When you were playing Candy Crush then they were traveling to get fund for their startup idea. Look, nothing happen immediately, things takes time, what people are sharing on internet is end result of something, no one is sharing its process or while they are working on it. Only thing that you need to understand that, you can’t complain why you’re not able to do something new by watching Netflix and playing Candy Crush because, the people who watch Netflix or play Candy Crush have already achieved their goals or it’s just for an entertainment or maybe some of them are not interested in doing something new.

Do you think that I started writing blog immediately after I thought? No. I had no time for writing blog but I write it because I’m using a tool that I invented myself which is Myllap ( that’s helping me to manage my life like a professional, full form of MYLLAP is Manage Your Life Like A Pro. Building something is easy, but WH-Question is difficult. Like I can develop any kind of software but what to build, what’s the requirement, who want it, where it required, and bla bla bla. So if you want to build something then you need to think out of the box. Find creative solutions to problems or create something that could bring social positive changes, something completely new. I invented Myllap because I know that most people fail in their life because of poor planning and forgetting their yesterday’s promise to themselves, their family, their partner, their friends and their colleagues. It’s an app that help you to remind you your dream, your vision, your goals, your action plans, your challenges, your to-do list and your worth. Because, it’s you, it’s you who’s going to think out of the box so evaluate yourself at myllap and first improve yourself if you’re not able to think out of the box.

“If you like things easy, then don’t bother about thinking out of the box.” Enjoy the song below.

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