Travelling as an Entrepreneur

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Travel, it’s so exciting and adventurous to travel around the World. Cruising on Royal Enfield at the speed of 45 km/h have different feeling, specially when travelling is your passion. Bullet, it’s my pet name given after my father had his first Royal Enfield Bullet when he was young, dad was also fan of RE. There’re many things I learned from Dad, he was an amazing person. I would never know about Persol (Italian Luxury Sunglasses) if he didn’t gifted me one. He have given me all the luxury anyone dream for.

I wanted to travel to see the World and know about the people so I have traveled across India in last 10 years, from Patna to Lukhnow to Delhi to Jaipur to Ahmedabad to Mumbai to Bangalore to Chennai to Hyderabad to Puri to Kolkata to Manipur to back to home. Also, traveled to Indonesia and Singapore and invited to several countries, everywhere purposely and most of the time as International Youth Representative of India. All my travel expenses were sponsored not by my father but by the organizations who were inviting me, that’s what means travelling as an entrepreneur.

My first national and international flights were sponsored by United Nations, one to UNEP TUNZA Children and Youth Conference, Ahmedabad, India and UNFPA Global Youth Forum, Bali, Indonesia.

It’s great to get recognized by esteemed national and international organizations around the World at age 17. In 2011, me, Kumar Saurabh, Chandan Ranjan, Anshul Raj, Mukul Manish and Rakesh Jha started a student organization name Green Youth Generation.

We were doing events back to back and sharing it on social media attracted young people around the World. They shown their interest in joining our organization so we started an application for national and international coordinator to join our organization from anywhere in the World. Our organization became international.

Organizations from India and around the World started inviting us to share our stories and inspire the World to develop or enhance leadership quality to make a difference.

My first recognition in first international conference, here’s it is –

Being a computer science guy, I used technology to reach more than 150 nations and created more than 400 young leaders in 78 nations.

Travelling to change the World has become a new way of travelling not just for me but for young leaders around the World whom I met during conferences.

Now, whenever I travel, I travel to for a reason and rest of the time transforming businesses at Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. Here’s the video –

On 5th January 2019, I went to IIT Patna for a project I’m working on in a partnership with Nikky Jha which is revolutionary, believe me, it is. It’s a healthcare device that sends reports to smartphone when you urinate. It has won award during Startup Master Class at IIT Patna which is an initiative of IITK Alumini Association.

We at Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd., open for small, medium and large businesses to develop mobile and desktop software, web applications and websites including IoT based solutions. We hardly use paper or pen for running our business. QWERTY and a cursor/touch is enough to manage everything. From management to transactions, everything is digital. And we are intend to transform every business to be managed digitally.

If you’ve purpose in life, you can be a great entrepreneur else there’re many jobs where you can fit in. Or, if you want to make a difference from your idea then I’m here to help you. You can join my one-to-one mentorship program to make a your idea a reality.

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