What Should Be the Current Belief System for 2050?

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This is continuation of previous post: Aren’t We Challenging the God?

Imagine you can access every information that are available on internet. You don’t need Google anymore, now you know the things that not everyone knows. What will you do?

A day is coming when we’ll be integrated with a chip connected to the internet and we won’t need to memorise anything. All you’ve to do is to raise a question, a very advance question because almost all general questions would be answered and flooded over the internet.Technological advancement has changed everything how we were looking at the life without it. When I was a kid, for game I had video game, for call I had telephone, for music I had walkman, for movie I had VCR/CD/DVD, for message I had SMS, for shopping I had shops/showrooms/malls, for amusement I had park, bla bla bla but now we’ve one single device we call it smartphone for everything. A multi-functional device that can do the things which was thought to be impossible in one device, no more buttons, just touch. It happened in a decade. But still many don’t have access to it. How’s this happened?

One person founded a comany and named it Apple in 1979 i.e. 39 years ago. 39 years ago, a crazyone thought that computer should not be limited to business owners, it should be in the hand of common people and now it is in the hand of common people worldwide. For 2050, we’ve around 31 years left and we still don’t know how it would be? What we’ve is some prediction e.g. population would be more than 9 billion population,sea level will rise 32 centimetres (13 in) by 2050, bla bla bla.

Will you believe if I will say that SAMSUNG phone box is made up of eco-friendly materials and I was one of the person who was recommended it? Yes, I was Regional Ambassador to Asia-Pacific at TUNZA Eco-Generation, a platform by UNEP and SAMSUNG Engineering, S. Korea. I’ve been successfully awarded 6 certificates for leadership from SAMSUNG Engineering. SAMSUNG recommended me from India as Youth Representative to UN CBD COP11 from SAMSUNG Engineering. Why am I saying this? Because, many did not noticed the box of SAMSUNG smartphones are now eco-friendly because somewhere we’re giving an effort to make world a better place to live. Similarly, old technologies walkman, VCR/CD/DVD, all gone because somewhere some people were trying their best they can do to create that product that no one else would ever thought possible. And even now some people are trying to make things happen that going to become one of the future technology.

Imagine one of the person who is working on future technology came to you and started telling you about it, you get nothing and end-up declaring him mad or something you would be saying when you don’t understand the things.

In India, internet means entertainment, facebook, youtube, movie, songs, online shopping, etc. because don’t know what else their device can do. At Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. (www.balraj.co), I do develop mobile and web applications for innovative and smart individuals, companies and organizations which they use to manage their business digitally.

AI are being programmed to become a human model, sensors are being integrated so that they can detect things and respond to given situation in real life. The sensors can sense the things but responding to what it sense is completely depends on how algorithm is designed. E.g. The way we respond a person in fifth meeting is completly different than how we were reponding at first meeting. It’s all what we learned about the person. But, the reaction could be completlely different in case of AI because AI have a lot of data in which for same situation, one reacted differently and got different results. Now, AI will determine which will gives optimum result using according to algorithm.

Biggest challenge is how AI feel for themselves which is a very controversial part of AI. An AI can hide their expressions, their feelings, future action and plans which is very dangerous. They don’t have biological part to feel anything, they learn about feelings from texts, means they may or may not feel offended to a slap and they may or may not slap back or whatever.

For 2050, current belief system is very outdated and none of the beliefs, politics, or values of today will make sense. It’s going to divide the World between two parts, one who’ll live a life using robots and other will fight that robots have steal their job. If someone is believing that after 30 years the life would be same, then they’re going to become first victim. Technological advancement in next 30 years is going to unimaginable because big data is dramatically adding tonnes of data and machine learning progressively improving performance on a specific task with data, without being explicitly programmed. Do you know what does it means? It means machines are learning, evolving themeselves and doing the things that will change the World. I work on these kind of technologies at Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd. to help clients to build more better solutions.

Young people who want to engage with politicial agendas should think and choose to support and not to support agendas on the basis of right and wrong. E.g. Hindutva is in danger is a myth, supporting it showing that people are not digging into the fact and figures and believing in something that was originated for political benefits. They can change it, rather parading for Hidutva is in danger, they should parade for Hindutva is strong without sense of danger. But, it should be more organized and more disciplined because our holy book Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Veda do not teach to create violence rather it teaches us how to overcome violence and spread peace that’s why the most diverse country in the World is so peaceful from centuries. But, its peace has been disturbed by those people who feel are insecure about their political identity.

Problem is, India has World’s largest youth population and most of them are engaged in something that is only ruining their life. Stop bullshits! Start learning technologies and invent things that shape the future of the country and make India stronger in the field of Science and Technology. From last six years I’m saying,”Shaping the future of a country no doubt requires people of high intellect and experience, but at the same time to implement and materialize the ideas into reality we need young and enthusiastic people in the ranks. It would only make sense if we had an equal mix of youth and experience in our political system. With the really old ministers making way for the young ones.” Those young people who’re interested in politics they’re making their path by attendings MUNs and Youth Pariliaments, debatings on basic needs and demands that our country needs. 

In 2012, I was Youth Representative of India and we were not talking about Hindutva, Ram Mandir and all. We were talking about The Future We  Want, watch below –

Being Ex-International Youth Representative of India, I would like to request young people in the country to please change your focus to something that really makes sense. You can choose one of the goal from SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and make it your goal to achieve, no matter what subjects you read or in which industries you work, you can make a difference. You can do the things that no one else can imagine. Believe in yourself and create a belief system to bring social positive changes. Find a way to get out of negativity and start doing things from today, things take time sometime takes years so always be patient, you can achieve anything.

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…to be continued

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