Why G.A.T.E. should be compulsory for getting an Engineering Degree?

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Engineering is the most sought educational qualification in India to get an employment. Let me correct, engineering is most sought educational qualification for getting respect in society, oops. There are more than 3000 engineering colleges in India which create around seven lakhs engineers per year, most unemployed. According to recent news, The New Indian Express published, GATE might be compulsory for engineering students as exit exam that means it’ll change the education system. Let me tell you how.

Think! What would be currently happening at engineering colleges? Yes, you know it well from outside and from inside? Here’s what going inside an engineering college. There are two semesters or say term in each year of engineering that means total eight semesters in the four years of engineering of a student. The student generally has eight milestones. They need to pass eight semesters but how they pass the eight semesters?

For the first year, all student study same subjects in semester one and two, the remaining 3 years i.e. six semesters comprise of the subjects of the particular branch selected by the student. Each semester, student study and pass the exam, no, it’s a different story. In an engineering college, students from different state came to study engineering, qualify it and get a job but it does not happen like that. There are several groups in each classroom, different kind of group with different interest. Engineering is very simple, sleep or party until exams are near, share and memorize notes until exams end, get pass marks to be qualified for next semester. It happens like this, students really pass the exams and it happens in every semester. In the end, the student gets an engineering degree. What happened to the campus selection? No no, it doesn’t happen in all colleges. Recruiters visit some colleges while many students visit the recruiters but they do not get the job. They don’t party in their companies, dude, they work, what students never studied. So they don’t hire and India gets a bunch of 3 idiots who never get a job, LOL. This is how unemployed engineers add an unemployment in the country. But, they definitely get high respect in lower and middle-class society because they’re stamped with an engineer in bold letters, neither me nor my company gift duck to these engineers. Who gets the employment?

The engineers get the jobs, from IITs, NITs, and some top private colleges where one can’t pass an exam by just memorizing the notes. Engineering is all about problem-solving using a creative approach, so one can’t pass the G.A.T.E. exam easily. Till now, students were sitting in G.A.T.E. exams to get qualified for certain employment or admission in masters, very few passes it. In 2017, just 16% student qualified out of 9,22,167 students, according to Hindustan Times. Suppose, 20% will pass out of 7,00,000 students then it means that only 1,40,000 students will get an engineering degree. I’m worried about some students whose father have threatened them that if they won’t get a job then he’ll shoot them, LOL. Now, what will happen?

The education system will change. In the classrooms of engineering colleges where creative students were discouraged will now be the champions. The classrooms are currently designed in a way that student could anyway memorize that formula and notes to pass the exam. I just remember, when I was used to solve toughest questions in every exam which were generally ignored by the most students even by the toppers to get high marks then my HOD said to me, “Balraj! This is not IIT.” It was just because I was never interested in memorizing notes and formula. I was selected for the Oxford Summer Course in the Final year at the University of Oxford. If the classroom will not change then, unfortunately, the student will not only be disqualified for the engineering degree but they also won’t get qualified to get that respect in lower and middle-class society. But the best part is, unemployment rates in engineering will dramatically decrease because the party and sleeping undergraduates will never get a degree and counted as engineers.

What should engineering students do? They can write to me, I will tell them how to do engineering, get qualified in GATE exam and become an engineer. I have qualified AIEEE in first attempt with good marks and rank was eligible for chosing any engineering course in any NIT during counselling and I know how to solve problems using creative approach. And if they’re doing Computer Science then probably I will hire them at Balraj Software Pvt. Ltd.

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