Why I Monetized My Website? Thanks to Google!

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For money?? No, it’s not only reason I monetized my website. Generally, we at Balraj Software?‍? monetize website for passive income for our clients and it’s a great source of passive income if you’re getting paid from Google for advertisements. My website is also showing ads through Google, thanks to Google for approving my website contents for advertisements.

Let me give you little idea about passive income. Passive income are the income which is generated from little efforts. It’s a cash flow which comes without any hard work, all you’ve to do is put your effort drop-by-drop daily or weekly or monthly depending on the kind of venture of the passive income.

Even you can start generating passive income from blogging. If you’re interested then we at Balraj Software can help you setup a blog at affordable price and even you can earn money from home or anywhere in the world through blogging. I have given details at the end of this post. Let’s continue!

So, my website is monetized and generating revenue from it when anyone visits my website, read my blog and click on advertisements showing between the blog posts. The main reason of showing ads is adding value to my blog post. If you will read my blog posts, then you’ll get to know it’s all about technology, leadership and entrepreneurship. When you’ll start reading, sometime you will feel like what I am talking about (Read: Automation is About to Destroy Your Job by 2022!) because at that moment you have no idea that somebody is doing business and making money out of it. Rather, putting example and spending time on finding businesses related to my blog post why not putting advertisements from related company? Google made it easy for me.

How Google is helping me to enrich my blog posts? Look! Google advertisement platform have an algorithm which helps to show advertisement according to contents of the website or blog. What it does is, it reads the article and push the ads that could help advertisers to reach their respective customers using algorithm and artificial intelligence. Because my contents are related to technology, leadership and entrepreneurship,  it’s not only show relevant ads but also helping my readers to access the tools and businesses services instantly. So, it’s basically co-related.

And for putting my effort to publish rich contents that you will not get on any other website, I’m getting paid for it. It’s rewarding and I will put these moneys into my business and keep publishing blog posts for you.

So, if you have passion or knowledge about anything then you can set-up a blog and start generating passive income. It’s deep satisfying by getting paid for what we love to do. We at Balraj Software help to design and develop blog. Also, we guide you how to write blog and help you to reach more people and receive more money.

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