Why LiveAcademia is the Best School Management Software?

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I have an inquisitive high hopes that one day I will help all schools improve the way the schools are being managed and bring them all on LiveAcacemia which is the best modular school management software. But the question is, why LiveAcademia is the best school management software? So, let me explain why it is. I’ll also explain how it helps you to reduce time and save money.

You must know the value of management which differentiate schools. Every school have some unique qualities that differentiate among them. Here’s the LiveAcademia comes in the picture. LiveAcademia has all basic features (like administration, admission, employee, student, fees, transport, exam, homework, notice, event, SMS and report) that school required but its modularity makes it awesome. Firstly, if a school require feature like GPS system, biometric/RFID attendance system, ID card generator, etc. then it can be easily integrated into it. Secondly, if a school have something unique quality in their management then we develop that system and integrate into the same software. E.g. Daily Handwriting Report, Uniform Report, Monthly Extra-curriculum Activity Management, etc. See the screenshot below.

The main impact of LiveAcademia is to save time and money of the school with increase in efficiency of the management. Let’s take an example of ID Card Generator – 
It cost around Rs. 50 for printing one ID Card including photography, designing and printing cost and Rs. 15-20 without including photography and designing. Suppose you have 1000 students, it will cost you (1000 X Rs. 50) = Rs. 50000. Now, if you’ll generate ID card using LiveAcademia then it’ll cost you Rs. 0 (zero) only for designing and photography and it will cost you only for printing that means it will cost you in total (1000 X Rs. 20) = Rs. 20000, you save Rs. 30000. It’ll take few clicks to generate ID Card within few seconds. You don’t need to design or anything.

So, you’re already running one school or multiple schools with branches and looking for some technological advancement in your school to boost the performance then contact us. In case of running multiple schools, we have facilities to manage all schools from one dashboard. Or, if you’re planning to start a school also contact us to build customized features.

LiveAcademia Website: www.LiveAcademia.com
Company Website: www.BalrajSoftware.com
Customer Care (IVR): 844 844 9219
Available: Worldwide
We have representatives in India, Egypt, Malaysia and Philippines.

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